Commercial Masonry

The Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) Headquarters

This spectacular building's sheer size has made it a new landmark in Alexandria Virginia; this immense project represents a total masonry package of over $20 million dollars.

Lincoln Square,
Washington DC

Working closely with one of the nation's top contractors the masonry portion of this project entailed working off of suspended swing scaffolding above historical townhouse facades below. The bustling intersection of the Washington DC roadway made for logistical challenges in project staging and material deliveries adding to the complicated city work environment.

Potomac Firehouse,
Alexandria, Va

With our reputation for quality, safety and performance, UM was sought out by one of the nation's largest General Contractors for the expertise required to construct a building as prestigious as this. This award winning masonry structure contains two different brick colors, three distinct finishes of calcium silicate masonry and reflective block creating six different types of masonry and styles that flow into a lavishly stunning masonry building. Detailed with rustication and accented with cast stone the edifice appearance sets the building apart from all others. Maintaining schedule and the complications of an urban location made the challenges and logistics for a composition such as this a challenge to behold. In a confined urban setting getting the right material and equipment at the right time was key to the success of the project.