Enduring Quality, since 1953

Recent Quality Focused Industry Recognition:

AIA Craftsmanship Award Winner 2010
BIA Gold Award Winner 2010
BIA Gold Award Winner 2009

At United Masonry we define the level of Quality of our work as the degree to which building materials and their placement complies with project design documents and building codes.

To ensure a consistent and high level of compliance and in turn Quality, we have established a system that allows our craftsmen, managers and clients to both monitor and assure strict adherence to design requirements throughout the construction process. 

Education and training is the foundation of our quality management system. Every one of the craftsman that work with United Masonry has received in depth training relevant to their role on the project team. Our program covers the ACI 530 code, the BIA tech note series, the International building code and the ASTM standards relevant to our scope of work. By first ensuring that everyone involved in the process understands the objectives clearly we can measure and in turn manage progress.

Quality control occurs on a daily basis in the field in the form of inspection by the onsite manager. Daily reporting, documenting work in place and job conditions are maintained and provided to the client.

Quality assurance inspections are performed at the completion of each unit of our contract work in accordance with the schedule of values. As each area is noted nearing completion our senior field manager conducts an in-depth inspection of the completed work, noting any deficiencies. The team then works to complete any deficient condition within the coming week. A deficiency list is maintained by the entire team to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Through the disciplined adherence to our Quality system we have found that our final punch lists have been reduced by over 95 percent, which in turn has driven our costs lower, providing the client with higher quality, lower construction costs and lower life cycle costs as their buildings perform as designed.

Buildings that last and perform